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Friday, September 23, 2011

Early Bath County, Virginia Marriages

from Annals of Bath County, Virginia, Oren Frederic Morton, Staunton, Va.: McClure Co., 1917
Armstrong, John (Polly Crawford) – 1790
Armstrong, John (Jane Kincaid of Robert)—1797
Armstrong, Archibald (Nancy Scott)—1797
Baxter, William (Margaret Toms)—1788
Beard, Robert (Sarah Mitchell of James)—1785
Berry, John (Janet Given)—1790
Betty (Beaty), Andrew (Agnes Sitlington of John)—1786
Black, William (—) —1764
Black, Alexander (Mary Ann Ham)—1793
Black, George (Elizabeth Miller of Patrick)—1796
Bourland, William (Sarah Dean—or Mary?)—1786
Bratton, James (—) --1774
Bratton, Adam  (Elizabeth Feamster of Thomas)—1788
Bratton David (Agnes Kirk of John)-- 1799
Brown, Josiah (Jane Waddell)—1801
Burns, Peter (Jane Miller)—1789
Burns, John (Margaret Monroe)—1801
Burns, Polly (James McCourt)--1792
Burns, Eva (John Miller)—1791
Burnside, Alexander (Elizabeth Gilliland of John)—1800
Carlile, John (---) —1762
Callison, Mary of Daniel   (Benjamin  Delany)—1801
Clark, Samuel (Jane Mathews of Sampson)—1790
Cleek, Elizabeth (Daniel McGlaughlin of John)—1795
Cleek, Sophia (William Hartman)—1801
Cleek, Margaret, (Benjamin Potts)—1792
Coffey, Margaret of James (John McWilliams)—1781
Corbett, Mary of Samuel (Joseph Chestnut)—1794
Crawford, William (Martha Cooper)—1786
Crawford, James (Mary ——) —1786
Crow, Thomas (Nancy Donally of Charles)—1789
Davis, James (Ann Estill)—1786
Dean, John (—) —1758
Dean, Sarah (James Venable)—1797
Dean, Mary (Samuel Depew)—1787
Dickenson, Martha (John Shrewsbury)—1793
Dickenson, Nancy (Joseph Kincaid)—1795
Donally, Andrew  (---) —1766
Donally, Catharine (James Ward)—1800
Daugherty, William (Mary Bridge)—1786
Daugherty, Isabella (William Nicholas)—1796
Elliot, Archibald (Sarah Clark)—1748
Elliott, Abraham (Nancy) Campbell)—1786
Elliott, Wiliam (Agnes McCampbell)—1788
Estill, Solomon-(--—) —1773
Ewing, John S. (Rebecca Cackley)—1801
Ewing, William (Mary Taylor)—1791
Ewing, Jean (Moses Moore)—1786
Feamster, William (—) —1763
Fitzpatrick, Mary (John Jones) —1792
Frame, Elizabeth (John Duffield)—1790
Frame, Mary (George Roebuck)—1795
Frame, John (Martha Daugherty of Michael)—1798
Francisco, John  (Eizabeth [sic] S. Lewis)—1798
Gay, Thomas (Mary Swearingen)—1791
Gay, Samuel (Margaret Mustoe)—1799
Gillespie, Mary (Samuel Blake)—1792
Gillespie, Rachel of Jacob (John Sutton)—1795
Gillespie, John (Comfort Griffith)—1798
Gillespie, James (Elizabeth Gillespie of Simon and Rebecca)—1779
Gillespie, Robert  (Mary Galloway)—1791
Gillespie, William (Margaret Eddy)—1792
Given, William (Agnes Bratton)—1764
Given, Samuel  (Elizabeth Robertson)—1785
Given, William (Rebecca Kenny of Matthew)—1789
Given, Adam (Nancy McGuffin)—1797
Given, Isabella of Agnes (Isaac Duffield)—1795
Graham, Sarah  (James Waddell)—1798
Graham, James (—) —1763
Graham, Lancelot (-—) —1763
Gregory, David of Mary (Margaret Warrick)—1786
Gregory, Elizabeth (John Robinson)—1800
Gregory, Isaac (Hannah Given)— 1790
Griffith, Mary (Peter Flack)—1793
Gwin, David (Violet Crawford of William)—1790
Gwin, James (Jane Hicklin of John)—1792
Gwin, Robert (Ursula Robinson of Peter)—1793
Gwin, (—) —1765
Gwin, Robert (Margaret Elliott of William)—1785
Hall, James (Nancy Hicklin of Thomas)—1785
Hall, Jane (Robert Hutchinson)—1788
Hamilton, James (Rachel Vance of Samuel)—1786
Hodge, William (Martha Benson of George)—1800
Hughart, Thomas (—) —1761
Hughart, Mary Elstock of Joseph of Louisa County)—1799
Hughart, James (Nancy Thomas) —1792
Hughart, Jane of James (Edward McGlaughlin)—1796
Jackson, Rhoda (Edward Morris)—1795
Jackson, H---. (John Townsend)—1786
Jackson, Elizabeth (David Caruthers) --1786
Kelly, Mary (Patrick McGraw)—1798
Kelly, James  (Margaret Sloan)—1796
Kelso, James (Elizabeth Sitlington)—1789
Kincaid, Andrew (Ann Poage)—1785
Kincaid, David (Jennie Lockridge of Robert)—1800
Kincaid, Ferdinand (Margaret Fulton of James)—1799
Kincaid, James (Jane Curry)—1791,
Kincaid, James (Margaret Wiatt)—1793
Kincaid, John (Mary Dinwiddie)-1786
Kirk, Robert (Martha Moffett)—1785
Knox, Alice (Francis A. Dubois)—1801
Knox, Elisha (Nancy Parker)—1801
Knox, John (Sarah Robinson of Joseph)—1793
Knox, William (Sarah Acklin of Green-Craig County)—1792
La Rue, Abraham (Sarah Lower)—1792
Laverty, Ralph (—) —1764
Lewis, Charles (Sarah Murray)—1762
Lewis, Charles (Ann Honce)—1792
Lewis, John (—) --1793
Lewis, John (Rachel Miller)—1789
Liptrap,  Isaac (Mary Bright)—1785
Mann, Thomas (Elizabeth Armstrong of Robert)—1792
Marshall, Robert (Jean Vance)—1792
Mayse, Isaac (Ruth Hicklin of Thomas)—1788
Mayse, Joseph (Agnes Hicklin of Hugh)—1787
Mayse, Nancy (George Shaw)—1787
Mayse, Richard (—) —1760
Mayse, Robert  (Margaret McClenahan)—1790
McAvoy, Robert (Sarah Burns)—1798
McCallister, Garnett (Ann Sprowl)—1792
McCallister, John (Mary Kincaid)—1800
McCartney, Lucy (Zachariah Barnett)—1792
McCarty, Timothy (Jane Waugh)—1800
McCausland, Mary (Samson Sawyer)—1790
McClintic, Jane of Robert (James Brown)—1800
McClintic, Samuel (Susanna King of Adam)—1793
McClung, John (Mary Stuart of Benjamin)—1788
McCIung, John, Jr.,  (Jane McClung)—1793
McClung, Elizabeth of Joseph (John Moore)—1793
McClung, Margaret (James Musson)—1797
McCreery, John (Martha ----) —1762
McCreery, Robert (Mary ----) —1764
McCreery, John (—) —1771
McCreery, John of Robert (Margaret Black of William) --1787
McMullen, Edward (—) —1759
WcWhortcr, David (Barzillai McCorkle of Robert)—1800
Means, High (Nancy Armstrong of Robert)—1785
Milhollen, Sarah (Jeremiah Simms)—1800
Miller, Patrick  (—) —1785
Milligan, John (Isabella Doak)—1786
Montgomery, James (—) —1765
Montgomery, John (—) —1753
Montgomery, John (Sarah Hicklin)—1785
Morris, Richard (---) —1761
Morris, Frances (Abraham Garnett)—1794
Payne, Lewis (Nancy Davis)—1794
Porter, Amelia (Nimrod Bogges—Boggs?)—1801
Porter, James (Catharine Hughes)—1795
Porter, Nancy (Robert Nutt)—1800
Ramsey, Charles (Polly Mounts)—1801
Ramsey, William (Sarah Fulton)—1794
Rhea, Elizabeth (Tolliver Wright)—1797
Rhea, James (Margaret Still)—1800
Rhea, Robert (Catherine Bailor)—1798
Ross, John (Mary Harvey Davis)—1795
Ross, James (Elizabeth Griffin of William)—1795
Scott, Hugh (Betsy Bell)—1800
Smith, Barbara of William (Joseph Warman)—1794
Smith, James (Elizabeth Wilson of Robert)—1794
Smith, John (Sarah Moore of Levi and Susanna)—1794
Sprowl, William (—) —1757
Stephenson, David (Mary Davis)—1783
Stephenson, James (Margaret Smith)—1796
Stephenson, Robert (Jane Smith of John)—1798
Stephenson, Susanna (William Hughes)—1801
Stewart, Isaiah (Martha Stewart)—1786
Stuart, Henry (Sarah Moore)—1791
Stuart, James (Nancy Moore)—1794
Swearingen, Alexander (Sarah Layne)—1800
Swearingen, Samuel (Hannah Scott)—1798
Tharp, Daniel (Margaret Barkley)—1795
Thompson, Hannah (Peyton Walker)—1794
Thompson, Thomas (Jean McClung)—1795
Trotter, Christopher (Prepare McClintic of Wllliam) ---1786
Usher, Ann of Robert (Hugh Donaho)—1795
Usher, Jean of Robert (Clements Graham)—1791
Usher, James (Catherine Whitesides)—1788
Vance, Samuel (----) —1763
Vance, Mary of James (William Bridger)—1795
Waddell, Isabella of Alexander (James Boggs)—1797
Wallace, Matthew (Sarah Brown)—-1801
Ward, James (Catharine Donally)—1800
Warwick, John (—) —1771
Warwick, John (Mary Poage)—1794
Warwick, Margaret (Adam See)—1794
Wilson, John (—) —1769
Wilson, George (Elizabeth McCreery)—1750
Wilson, Jane (Cornelius Vanosdale)—1785
Wooton, William (Jane Gilliland)—1793

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  1. There is no marriage record for Isabella Doak being married in Ohio Co., VA. She was married in Lincoln Co., TN, to Joh Milliken.

    The John Milligan of Ohio Co., VA, married one spouse Sarah Robinson. Their marriage record is still available from the Ohio Co., WV Clerk of Courts. Sarah out lived John Milligan and is mentioned in his will.

    These are two different families in two different states. The evidence is in the census, tax records, and on their tombstones.