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Friday, January 15, 2021

Pfc Bucking for a Discharge Gets It at the Ripe Old Age of 14

 From The Stars and Stripes, Wednesday, March 15, 1944, Vol. 4, No. 114

Pfc Bucking for a Discharge Gets It at the Ripe Old Age of 14

Fred C. Bennett, a 14-year-old Pfc, is leaving the Army and going back to school.  His application for discharge has been approved by Army authorities, ETOUSA headquarters announced yesterday.

Bennett, whose home is in Atlanta, Ga., is a member of a colored General Service Engineer unit doing construction work in England.  He earned his Pfc strip just last month.

He entered the Army Mar. 12, 1943, at Fort Benning, at the age of 13, when other kids his age are "bucking" for First Class Scout.  He had registered with his local Selective Service board, giving his age as 18.

Before his unit left the States Pfc Bennett had decided that the United Nations could win the war without him and had sent home for his birth certificate.  He applied for a discharge, and the papers finally caught up with him in England.

He is only 5 feet 3 1/2 inches tall and weighed only 109 pounds when he entered the Army, but Army food has added another 21 pounds.  "He is one of the most popular members of his company and a good worker and soldier," the Army's announcement of the discharge said.

Monday, January 11, 2021

1919 Huron High School Graduation


Monday, June 9, 1919
The Daily Huronite

War Has Reduced Size of the Senior Class Roll

    The commencement week program of the local high school will begin Sunday evening, June 5, at 8:30 o'clock when the sermon to the graduates will be delivered by the Rev. Hubert Ketelle, pastor of the Presbyterian church.  The baccalaureate services will be held in the Presbyterian church.  On Tuesday evening, June 17 at 8:30 o'clock the seniors will give their class day exercises in the high school auditorium to which the public is invited.  On Tursday [sic] evening at 8:30 o'clock the commencement exercises will be held in the Grand opera house.  The Rt. Rev. John Poyntz Tyler, bishop of North Dakota, will deliver the address.  His subject will be "Graduation."
    Owing to the fact that a number of the boys that should have graduated with the class this year were prevented from doing so by enlisting in te [sic] military service, the class is smaller than usual this commencement.  The class roll in composed of the following 

Senior Class Roll.

Ackerman, Lenita
Alley, Enos
Anderson, Walter
Bosworth, Flora
Brock, Floyd
Burtt, William
Chesire, Edna
Christensen, Paul
Clark, Irene
Coldren, Alca Belle
Coldren, Dorothy
Deane, Esther
Dolan, Josephine
Doner, Ruth
Erickson, Evelyn
Francis, Donald
Gamble, Addie
Griffith, Winnifred
Griffith, Raymond
Heiss, Hazel
Hughes, Lois
Issenhuth, Mona
Johnson, Ardus
Johnson, Uarda
Kyde, Myra
Kyde, Myta
Lundberg, Florence
Mason, Margaret
Medbery, Keith
Meyer, Alice
Musolf, Laura
Newton, Grace
Pfeffer, Frederick
Reese, Sheldon
Ruvel, Niel
Schaller, Genevieve
Smart, Rachel
Smith, Milo
Thompson, Noel
Venables, Wyatt
Warner, Oliver
York, Ruth


Tuesday, January 5, 2021

1884 Mantorville, Minnesota High School Commencement



Mantorville High School


Court House Hall

Thursday Evening, July 3, 1884

Eight O'clock


Piano Colo: "Lohengrin"  Richard Wagner

Salutory and Oration, John C. McMartin
Essay: Miss Olive H. Blanch

Solo: "Orpheus with His Lute" Arthur S. Sullivan

Essay: Julius Caesar  Miss Mabel E. Bardwell
Class History and Prophecy  Miss Libbie I. Lathrop

Piano Solo: "Champagne"  C. Voss

Essay: Importance and Influence of the Woman Character  Miss Cora E. Warner
Oration, with Valedictory Address.  Frank B. Leach

Quartet:  "Twilight Bells"  White

Address.  Mr. James McLaughlin




Miss Mabel E. Bardwell
Miss Olive H. Blanch
Miss Libbie Y. Lathrop
Miss Cora E. Warner
Frank B. Leach
John C. McMartin

Compliments of Frank B. Leach