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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Wellington Township, Renville County, Minnesota


This article comes from an old Lutheran church booklet, listing some of the congregations around Sibley county, Minnesota as well as some of the teachings of Martin Luther.  The cover is missing, so I cannot supply the title, author, publisher or year, but judging by the dates referenced in various articles, it was written about 1917.


Evangelical Lutheran Emanuel's Congregation was organized in the house of Mr, Edward Kiecker, in Town of Wellington, Renville Co,, Minn., on February 6th, 1879. The first Elders were: Rudolf Paschke, Secy., Julius Kiecker, Michael Karau; Trustees: Albert L. Kiecker, Treas., Otto Kiecker, Wm, Freyholtz, Sr.  The Rev. Henry Albrecht of New Auburn served them for 1 1/2 years.  Rev. Vollmar of the same place 1/2 year. The first pastor living with the congregation was Rev. J. Grabarkewitz, from 1880 to 1883.   Rev. C. Hilpert served from 1884 to 1902.   Rev. Jul. Engel from 1902 to 1912.   1912, Rev. E. G. Fritz was called and accepted, he is still in charge.   In 1880 the first parsonage and chapel was built on Wm. Freyholtz's land.   In 1883 40 acres of land were bought and the buildings moved on it. In 1889 a new church was built. The new parsonage was built in 1892 and improved in 1916. The church was improved in 1914, by adding an altar niche and sacristy, a new pulpit and altar. The pipe organ was bought in 1913.   Mr. Raedeke was teacher in the Parochial School for about two years.   In 1913 Student Spaude and 1914 Student John Laub instructed.   In 1915 Mr. G. Wachter and in 1916 and 1917 Mr. E. Kirschke.  Since Sept. a. c. Miss L. Dallman is the Instructor.

The members today are:

Berger, Carl
Berger, Gust,
Berger, Otto
Bleck, Leonard
Rorth, Frank
Borth, Fred
Ruhr, John
Buboltz, Alb,
Bubolt, Carl
Buboltz, Paul
Buboltz, Helmet
Dallmann, Ernst
Dallmann, Herman
Detterllng, John
Dettmann, Julius
Freyholtz, Carl
Freyholtz, Gust.
Freyholtz, Paul
Freyholtz, Robt.
Freyholtz, Wm.
Fritz, E. A.
Fritz, Frank
Grams, Carl
Hamann, Henry
Helwig, Louis
Hillmann, Carl
Kandt, Kriuard
Kandt, Frank
Kiecker, Albert L.
Kiecker, Erdreich
Kiecker, Anton
Kiecker, Edmund
Kiecker, Emll
Kiecker, Fritz
Kiecker, Helmut
Kiecker, Herman
Kiecker, Hugo
Kiecker, Otto J.
Kiecker, Otto W.
Kiecker, Relnhard.
Kiecker,  Robt., Sr.
Kiecker,   Robt., Jr.
Kiecker, Rudolf
Kuester, Henry
Kuester, Herman
Kleman, Eduard
Lehmann, Herman
Luedtke, Daniel
Mahlke, Gust.
Paschke,  Emil
Schmechel, Herman
Timm, Wm.
Wendt, Aug.

These the voting members; others belonging to the congregation are:

Kandt, Mrs.
Sell, Mrs. E.
Bleck, Mrs. C.
Helwig, Mrs. J.
Bleck, Carl
Bleck, Geo.
Bleck, Gust.
Freyholtz, Otto
Hillmann, Theo.
Poleski, Hugo
Hoefs, Beni.
Voecks, Otto
Broth, Albert
Sell, Theo.
Sell, Emil
Lietzau, Carl
Bethke, E.
Grams, Gust.

The Elders are:
Herman Shemecher
Reinhard Kiecker
Alb. Buboltz

August Wendt
Robt. Freyholtz
John Detterling
Gust. Freyholtz, Secr.
R. Kiecker, Sr., Treas.
E. A. Fritz, Sexton

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