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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gibbon Evangelical Lutheran Immanuel’s Church


This article comes from an old Lutheran church booklet, listing some of the congregations around Sibley county, Minnesota as well as some of the teachings of Martin Luther.  The cover is missing, so I cannot supply the title, author, publisher or year, but judging by the dates referenced in various articles, it was written about 1917.




    This congregation was organized in the year 1885,  by the Rev. J. Frey, pastor of the congregation in Moltke Township,  Sibley Co., Minn.  The first meetings were held in the public school house of Gibbon. In the year 1886 the resolution was passed to build a church, and for its location an eight acre tract of land was secured. The first church was a structure 28x30. The membership of the congregation grew so rapidly that it was deemed necessary to call a local pastor. In the year 1889, the Rev. J. Bauer was duly called and a parsonage erected for his residence. Rev. J. Bauer served the congregation faithfully until 1894. For nearly a year the congregation was served again by the Rev. W. Zobe, of Moltke. In the next year, 1895, they called Rev. J. Nauman from Wolsey, S. D.  Under his leadership the congregation made considerable progress. A parochial school building was erected and an addition to the house built. In the year 1904, Rev. J. Nauman was called away and the congregation called the present minister, Rev. Hy. Boettcher, from Springfield. Minn. The membership had so increased that it became imperative to call a  teacher to relieve the minister of this school work. Prof. F. Grimm of New Ulm College, was called to take over the school, which was attended by 50 pupils. In the year 1909 the congregation erected a residence for him. This completed the necessary building for church work. However, soon the church became too small for the congregation and a practically new church was built in the year 1912. Prof. F. Grimm, having received a call to Appleton, Wis., left in the year 1914, and Prof. C. Hohenstein was called to his place. In the year 1916 a new. large pipe organ was secured and in 1917
a new. modern, elegant parsonage was erected.
    The services are conducted in both languages, the American and German.  The membership consists in 130 families of which there are 99 voting members.   It has three societies   The Ladies' Aid, the Sewing Circle and the Young People's Society.   The number of school children is at present 40.   Following are the Board of Regents:
H. Burns,  F. Burdorf, G. Briese,  Elders.
W. Ohland,  W. Baudon, J. W. Boock, Trustees.
H. Krammer, F. Harms, Hy. Rodewald, School Board.
Fred Baudow, Treasurer.


Abraham, J.
Bade, G.
Bade, Her.
Bade, Hy.
Bandow, C.
Bandow, F.
Bandow, J.
Bandow, Theo.
Baudow, W.
Black, R.
Block, C.
Boeder, F.
Bohr, L.
Boock, J. W.
Briese, G.
Briese, H.
Briese, J.
Briese, W.
Brust, L.
Buerkle, G.
Bunns, H.
Burdorf, F.
Burdorf, W.
Burns, Theo.
Friedrich, A.
Friedrich, F.
Friedrich, H.
Fritz, O.
Glaeser, J.
Goetsch, H.
Gruehnhagen, E.
Gugisberg, W.
Harms, F.
Hoppensted, W.
Hoppenstedt, W.
Huehnerberg, J.
Huehnerberg, W.
Jahnke, F.
Joecke, F.
Kiehm, A.
Klukas, R.
Kraft, O.
Krammer, F.
Krammer, H.
Lentz, F.
Lentz, J.
Leske, B.
Leske, W.
Lubitz, F.
Luehring, W.
Miller, P.
Mueffelmann, W.
Mueller, A.
Niebuhr, H.
Niebuhr, J.
Niebuhr, W.
Nieburh, W. D.
Ohland, F.
Ohland, W.
Pagel, C.
Penk, L.
Peterson, Theo.
Pless, R.
Redmann, W.
Remus, H.
Remus, J.
Riebe, E.
Rodewald, D.
Rodewald, H.
Sauter, R.
Schauer, C.
Schempf, J.
Schempf, W.
Schroeder, H., Jr.
Schroeder, H., Sr.
Seemann, H.
Spaude, Aug., Jr.
Spaude, Aug., Sr.
Sprengeler, F.
Stiehm, F.
Stiehm, H.
Stockman, H.
Thiem, G.
Vorwerk, P.
Walter, C.
Wenberg, W. W.
Wichelmann, F.
Wolter, H.
Wolter, S.

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