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Sunday, October 17, 2010

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Arlington, Minnesota


This article comes from an old Lutheran church booklet, listing some of the congregations around Sibley county, Minnesota as well as some of the teachings of Martin Luther.  The cover is missing, so I cannot supply the title, author, publisher or year, but judging by the dates referenced in various articles, it was written about 1917. 



St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Arlington, Minn.
Organized 1872, Membership 165
Present building erected 1886; enlarged 1903, seating capacity, 500
You are invited to attend our services.  WE PREACH CHRIST CRUCIFIED.

Robert Heidmann, pastor
The Trustees and Elders of our congregation are:
Jacob Kroells, H. J. Meyer and H. J. Moskop
F. W. Witte, Secretary - H. C. Meffert, Treasurer
Miss Elsie Heidmann, Teacher of our Parochial School
Prof. F. Fettinger, Organist and Choirmaster
Present officers of the Ladies' Aid Society are: Mrs. A. W. Lieske, president; Mrs. M. Dixon, treasurer; Mrs. H. Meisner, secretary


Voting Members

Altnow, Gust.
Andersen, H.
Bachmann, Fr.
Bachmann, Wm.
Bade, Christ.
Barge, Wm.
Berndt, Alb.
Berndt, Aug.
Bernstein, Hy.
Betke, Aug.
Bogatzki, Karl
Brockoff, Gust.
Brockoff, Wm.
Bussmann, F.
Comnick, C. W.
Damm, Fr.
Darkow, Wm.
Dietzel, Anton
Doering, Aug.
Dose, Herm.
Duehlmeyer, Wm.
Ehlers, Ernst
Fenske, H. J.
Follrath, F.
Frenzel, Ed.
Gall, Paul
Glander, Karl
Goebel, A. F.
Goebel, Fred.
Goehl, Gust.
Gohlke, Wm.
Gorr, Fred.
Gosewisch, A.
Hardel, Aug.
Hardel, Fred.
Henke, Ehler
Henke, Ernst
Hillemann, L.
Joel, Martin
Kamps, Ed.
Kamps, Jac.
Kister, Christ.
Kistner, Fred.
Kistner, Hy.
Kistner, Rich.
Kleist, Ed.
Kleist, Karl
Kroells, Jac.
Kurtzweg, M.
Kurtzweg, Wm.
Kutz, Reinhold
Lampe, Karl
Lemberg, Ferd.
Lichttenegger, G.
Lieske, A. W.
Lietzau, Karl
Lucht, Fred.
Lueck, Hy.
Luepke, Franz
Martin, Gottl.
Martin, Sal.
Meffert, H. C.
Meffert, John
Meier, Fred.
Meisner, H. J.
Meisner, Wm.
Melzer, Aug.
Meyer, A. A.
Meyer, H. C.
Meyer, H. J. Jr.
Meyer, John Jr.
Meyer, John Sr.
Meyer, Karl
Meyer, Rud.
Mielke, Gottl.
Milbrandt, Louis
Mohrland, Karl
Moskop, Fred. D.
Moskop, H. J.
Muehlsted, Aug.
Mueller, C.
Mueller, F. G. J.

Mueller, Fred.
Mueller, Wm. R.
Narr, Christ
Narr, John W.
Nickel, Herm.
Nickel, John
Nieland, Ed.
Nieland, Hy.
Nieland, Wm.
Noack, H. M.
Norton, Fred.
Norton, Walter
Penk, Gust.
Peters, John
Pischke, John
Poplau, Alb.
Poplau, Karl
Quast, Ed.
Reichenbach, Karl
Reinke, John
Riebe, Louis
Riedler, F. J.
Riedler, I.
Riedler, Karl
Rischmueller, A.
Rischmueller, Fred.
Rischmueller, Hy.
Rischmueller, John
Rucks, karl
Sauer, David
Scharping, A. W.
Schauer, Hy.
Schmidt, Otto
Schmieduth, L.
Schoof, Christ.
Schulenberg, F.
Schulenberg, H.
Schulz, Wm.
Schwirtz, Jac.
Soeffker, Hy.
Soeffker, J.
Soeffker, P.
Spannaus, Fr.
Spannaus, Karl
Stock, Ferd.
Stock, Rud.
Stoefen, Peter
Stucke, Hy.
Teschendorf, K.
Tessmer, Wm. L.
Thies, Dietr.
Timm, Alb.
Timm, Herm.
Timm, Karl Jr.
Timm, Karl Sr.
Timm, W. F.
Unglaub, Hy.
Voight, Fred.
Voight, Wm.
Voting Members
Wallert, Wernst
Wegner, Aug.
Weihe, Geo.
Weihe, Hy. C.
Weihe, Wm.
Wemeier, Hy.
Wentzlaff, A. Jr.
Wentzlaff, A. Sr.
Wentzlaff, Fr. A.
Wentzlaff, Fred.
Wiemann, Herm.
Wiemann, Hy.
Wiemeier, Wm.
Wirt, Karl
Witte, F. W.
Wolff, Emil
Wolter, John
Wolter, Reinh.
Wolters, Fred.
Wolters, Geo.
Zimmermann, A. J.
Zutz, John

Lady Members
Bening, Mrs. Curt
Bovy, Mrs. Carol
Bullert, Mrs. Fred
Deterling, Miss Emily
Dixon, Mrs. Lina
Doerr, Mrs. Jonas
Fuerstnow, Mrs. Fr.
Huckenpoehler, Mrs. Aug.
Koernig, Mrs. Charl.
Krutzweg, Mrs. M., Sr.
Locher, Mrs. Ida
Mueller, Mrs. M. L.
Niemann, Mrs. Anna
Poplau, Mrs. K., Sr.
Quast, Mrs. Aug.
Quast, Mrs. Emil
Rischmueller, Mrs. L.
Schauer, Mrs. Carol
Schmugge, Mrs. Wm.
Siekmann, Mrs. Aug.
Siekmann, Mrs. Ed.Krueger, Mrs. L.
Strobel, Mrs. Frank
Voight, Mrs. Hy
Wolff, Mrs., Sr.
Zimmermann, Mrs. A.
Communicant Members, Aside from the Foregoing
Altnow, A. & F.
Altnow, G. & H.
Andersen, Hy.
Bening, F. W.
Bruesehoff, Wm.
Burdorf, Herm.
Delzer, Mrs. Emil
Doering, Alb.
Doerr, Phil.
Grosting, Paul
Grube, Mrs. W.
Harbarth, Carl
Hillemann, Hy.
Huckenpoehler, Ed.
Knight, Mrs. Hy.
Meisner, Geo.
Milbrandt, Hy.
Quehl, Mrs. M.
Schulz, Arthur
Schulz, Otto
Soeffker, Wm.
Stock, Hy.
Stoefen, Fred.
Stucke, Louis
Tonn, Hy.
Traut, Alex.
Wiemeier, John

Boys Now in U. S. Army

Bullert, Fred, Co. A., 351st Inf., Camp Dodge, Iowa
Doerr, Louis, Co. C., 351st Inf., Camp Dodge, Iowa
Nieland, Jos., Co. A, 351st Inf., Camp Dodge, Iowa
Norton, Alfr., Bat. A, 2nd F. A., Presidio, San Francisco
Quast, Herm., Co. B., 126th Inf., Demin, N. M.
Schulenberg, A., Co. A., 351st Inf., Camp Dodge, Iowa
Wiemann, A., Co. A., 351st Inf., Camp Dodge, Iowa

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