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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Evangelical Lutheran St. John’s Congregation – Mountville, Minnesota


This article comes from an old Lutheran church booklet, listing some of the congregations around Minnesota as well as some of the teachings of Martin Luther.  The cover is missing, so I cannot supply the title, author, publisher or year, but judging by the dates referenced in various articles, it was written about 1917.




The beginning of this congregation dates back as far as summer 1860, when Rev.  Rupprecht of Arlington Twp., Sibley Co., Minn., preached "God's Word and Luther's Doctrine Pure" to a small number of families of the pioneer settlers of this county.   From October, 1861,  Rev. Winter, successor to Rev. Rupprecht, ministered to the spiritual wants of these Lutheran families.   In spring, 1863, the first church of this congregation, a log building, was erected.   The first resident pastor, Rev. Karrer, was installed July, 1864.   At this time a parochial school was established for the children of the congregation.   1865 the first parsonage was built.  In March, 1866, Rev. Karrer accepted a call from Afton, Minn. During the vacancy that ensued Rev.  Schuilze from Arlington Twp. performed the pastoral duties here.   In Aug., 1867, Rev. Damm became the pastor of the congregation.   1869 the second church, this time a frame building, was erected.   In April, 1873, Rev. Damm had to resign on account of sore throat; he was succeeded by Rev. Kaemmerer, from December, 1873, till December, 1875.   Then came Rev. C. Janzow;  he remained from July, 1876, till January, 1879, when he accepted a call from the congregation in Frohna, Perry Co., Mo.  During the vacancy Rev. C. Ross from Arlington Twp., - at present professor of Concordia College, Milwaukee, Wis., - ministered to this congregation.  In summer, 1879, Rev. Kretzschmar was installed; he remained until February, 1885.  In April, 1885, Rev. Rob. Koehler began to minister to this congregation; he accepted a call from Long Prairie July, 1906.  From September, 1906, until this present time*, Rev. H. Prigge has been the pastor of this congregation.  The second parsonage was built in 1879, and the present parsonage in 1901.  The present church building, third in number since the beginning, was erected 1892.  On September 29, 1912, the new pipe organ, costing $1,675.00 was dedicated.

Voting Members:
Abraham, Fr., Sr.
Abraham, Fr., Jr.
Abraham, J.
Bauer, C., Sr.
Bauer, C., Jr.
Bauer, Wm.
Becker, A.
Blatz, Val.
Boettcher, A.
Borchert, Fred
Borchert, Ferd.
Doering, D.
Doering, E.
Doerr, Wm.
Frauendienst, H.
Frauendienst, R.
Frauendienst, L.
Freimuth, D.
Fromm, Fr.
Gildemeister, Her.
Goetsch, Wm.
Goetsch, A.
Goetsch, L.
Grewe, F.
Grochow, A., Sr.
Grochow, A., Jr.
Grochow, W.
Grochow, C.
Grochow, H.
Grochow, Alb.
Grochow, P.
Grunewaldt, O.
Grunewaldt, G.
Gutknecht, A.
Hahn, C.
Hahn, J.
Hahn, F.
hahn, H.
Hahn, L.
Harbarth, E.
Harbarth, O.
Hass, A.
Hass, C.
Hass, Wm.
Henke, Wm., Sr.
Henke, Wm., Jr.
Henke, E.
Hertwig, A.
Hoppe, A.
Hoppe, H.
Illig, Aug.
Illig, Alb.
Krueger, H., Sr.
Krueger, H., Jr.
Laabs, Frieb.
Laabs, Ferd.
Laabs, Otto
Marth, F.
Maass, L.
Muchow, Aug.
Muchow, Alb.
Mueffelmann, Wm.
Podratz, Fr.
Podratz, H.
Podratz, L.
Podratz, E.
Prigge, H.
Quast, A.
Redmann, E.
Rolf, L.
Rose, Theo.
Rose, O.
Rose, P.
Rose, W.
Schatz, H.
Schatz, F.
Schuett, H.
Schuett, J.
Schulz, Alb.
Schulz, Aug.
Schulz, Hry.
Stelter, J.
Stelter, P.
Sylvester, H.
Sylvester, P.
Tessmer, E.
Tribbensee, H.
Tribbensee, Hry.
Tribensee, Alb.
Uecker, W.
Uecker, R.
Uecker, A.
Uecker, M.
Wille, H.
Woller, G.
Wolther, G.
Wolther, C.
Zarnett, F.

Note: I was unable to find a town in Minnesota by the name of Mountville.  Perhaps the town no longer exists.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Regarding the geographical location of St. John's Lutheran Church in Mountville, I have a copy of an article on the history of the church, possibly included in an anniversary booklet that might be helpful:
    "...with the formation of the Dryden Lutheran
    Church, as St. John's was originally referred to, a community named Mountville sprang up in the adjoining township of Transit. This little community with its creamery, a blacksmith shop, a general store, and even a star route post office once seemed destined to become a town or city. Although, it lost out in this respect, probably because it did not become a railroad station, the name "Mountville", persisted, and in the course of time attached itself to the Dryden Lutheran Church, now widely known by the time-honored name of St. John's Lutheran Church
    of Mountville."
    If you would like a complete copy of the article
    which is two pages with pictures of the original
    log cabin church as well as some of the early
    pastors, let me know. I can scan it to you.
    Pat Temple
    PS: Some of my family were members of the
    Mountville church as well as the Immanuel, Gaylord church, where my mother and grandmother were raised so I am very interested in this area.
    Reply to: patriciatemple@gmail.com

  2. Thanks, Pat! If there's no copyright on it, and it's something I can add to the blog, it would be great to have a copy. Very nice of you to offer! You can send it to karenh_55904@yahoo.com

  3. love the old picture of my church. i grew up accross from this church. my family still lives there. my great grandpa was grewe,f. (fredrich). the church has changed/been added on to. was just playing around today-googled my church, was pleasently suprised to see this picture. thanks for posting this blog! robin grewe

  4. Thanks for your comment, Robin! Glad you enjoyed the article.