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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Immanuel Lutheran Church, Gaylord, Minnesota


This article comes from an old Lutheran church booklet, listing some of the congregations around Sibley county, Minnesota as well as some of the teachings of Martin Luther.  The cover is missing, so I cannot supply the title, author, publisher or year, but judging by the dates referenced in various articles, it was written about 1917.




    Early in the year 1882 a number of Lutherans met in the village of Gaylord, which had but recently come into being, and discussed the advisability of founding a congregation in the village. The question was favorably received and an organization effected In the first meeting.
    This little band of Lutherans built a house of worship in the same year. For two years they were served by Rev. H. Kretzschmar of  Mountville, but in 1884 they called Rev. E. L. Kretzschmar to minister unto their spiritual needs, who remained with them until he died (1888).
    During Rev. E. L. Kretzschmar's time it became apparent that the original structure was too small for the accommodation of those who
came to hear the Word of God. A new church was built in 1889, only seven years after the congregation had been organized.
    Rev. E. L. Kretzschmar having died, Rev. A. Ph. Pankow was called.  He, in turn, was succeeded by Rev. Aug. Hertwig. under whose able leadership and conscientious guidance the congregation became what it now is: a staunch body of energetic Lutherans, who stand every ready to do and to give for the kingdom of Him who not only redeemed them, but also made Himself known to them.
    From its earliest days this congregation zealously held fast to the principle that if you want Lutherans - true and dependable Lutherans, who will not be blown about like chaff - you must raise Lutherans, that is to say, you must bring up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  If you will ask the Gaylord Lutherans to whom credit is due for growth in membership and for grown in things spiritual, they will reply: To God, faithful pastors, parochial schools, with its efficient teachers; Pastors Kretzschmar and Hertwig and teachers W. Friedrich and G. Taggatz.
    After 23 years of service, Rev. Aug. Hertwig resigned and was succeeded by Rev. E. H. H. Gade, the present incumbent of the office of the holy ministry at Immanuel's.

Voting Members of Immanuel Lutheran Church:

Abraham, H. W.
Abraham, H.
Abraham, Paul
Asmus, Aug.
Borchert, Henry
Borchert, Herrmann
Borchert, Karl
Braasch, Aug.
Braasch, Herrmann
Bulaw, A.
Deiss, Louis
Doering, Aug.
Doering, Gustav.
Doering, Herrmann
Doerre, Alwin
Ebert, Aug.
Enrich, Alex.
Enrich, Karl
Evers, Henry
Fenske, W.
Fenske, W. W.
Fenske, W. A.
Fischer, Albert
Fisdur, F.
Fiss, F.
Franke, Karl
Mueffelmann, J.
Nagel, F.
Otto, Herrmann
Otto, Karl
Polzin, J.
Reichenbach, E.
Roepke, F.
Rose, F.
Rose, H.
Rose, J.
Schlueter, S.
Schmidt, W.
Friedrichs, Herrmann
Friedrichs, W.
Gildemeister, Aug.
Gildemeister, Henry
Gorr, G.
Guetschoff, John
Gorr, Chris.
Guetschoff, Karl
Grewe, K.
Grochow, Otto
Gildemeister, Karl
Gade, E. H. H.
Gaulke, H.
Gildemeister, Karl
Hahn, Henry
Hahn, K. L.
Hahn, W.
Hahn, Otto
Hahn, Herm.
Hahn, Ferd.
Hahn, L.
Hell, W.
Heuer, W.
Hoppe, H.
Jahr, A.
Kramber, K.
Sporing, J.
Schulte, H.
Schulte, W.
Schuppenhorst, W.
Schuett, W.
Schuetz, E.
Severin, H.
Spaude, Aug.
Spiering, E.
Spiering, F.
Splettstoesser, W.
Sommer, A.
Sommer, F.
Kramber, O.
Krueger, E.
Krueter, O.
Krueger, W.
Krueger, J.
Kuehner, A.
Kuehner, H.
Kuphal, I.
Kuphal, K.
Lawrenz, F.
Lemke, Ferd.
Kieske, Aug.
Kieske, L.
Maass, Albert
Maass, Aug. Sr.
Maass, Aug. Jr.
Mathwich, E.
Mathwich, Karl
Maurer, Karl
Meyer, D.
Meyer, F.
Meyer, W.
Mueller, Geo.
Mueller, E.
Mueller, J.
Mueller, H.
Mueller, P.
Sylvester, Aug.
Sylvester, H. C.
Sylvester, O.
Sylvester, R.
Sylvester, W.
Taggaty, G.
Veith, M.
Woller, Aug.
Warnke, H.
Zacharias, E. W.
Zachow, A.
Zachow, H.
Zachow, R.

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