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Sunday, October 17, 2010

St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fairfax, Minnesota


This article comes from an old Lutheran church booklet, listing some of the congregations around Sibley county, Minnesota as well as some of the teachings of Martin Luther.  The cover is missing, so I cannot supply the title, author, publisher or year, but judging by the dates referenced in various articles, it was written about 1917.


St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fairfax, Minn.

    Organized 1890, through Rev. C. I. Hilpert of the Wellington Lutheran church. Served by Revs. S. Fischer and J. Eitel of the Ridgely Lutheran church, 1891-1895, and by Rev. J. H. Naumann of Gibbon, 1895-1900. First resident pastor, Rev. Im. F. Albrecht. 1900 until present time.
    Founders: John Albrecht, Paul Albrecht, G. Renner, Robt. Wiehr, W. Borth, Sr., F. Fehlhaber, Geo. Gugisberg, Fr. Hilpert, G. Hoepner, Joh. Severin, Alb. Wiehr, Sr., Mrs. L. S. Palmer.
    German English Parochial established 1900, in exclusive charge of pastor until 1908; assisted by W. Nuesing 1908; O. Kerkow, 1909; O. Flene, 1910.  First regular teacher, Harry Meyer, 1911-1912; present teacher, O. F. Boerneke, since 1912.    Average enrollment during late years, 50 scholars.
    First church built 1892-1893; school house, 1903; parsonage, 1905; cemetery, within a mile of village, bought 1905; new church,1915-1910, at a cost of $25,000.   Value of property. $33,000-35,000.
    Former officials were: Joh. H. Dickmeyer, John Grunke, John Severin, Chas. Kuehlbach, G. Renner, W. Borth. Sr., F. Fehlhaber, Trustees.
    Miss Meta Dickmeyer. organist, 1901-1916.
    Present officials: President, Paul Albrecht; secretary, Carl.Laub; treasurer. W. Kiehn. Sr.
    Board of Deacons and Trustees: John Albrecht, Hy. Clobes, Louis Dickmeyer, W. Kiehn, W. Sommer.
    School Board: Rev. Im. F. Albrecht, O. F. Boerneker. J. C. Braun, Carl Laeupple, Aug. Voeks.
    Cemetery Board: Hy. Clobes, Louis Wellner, Chas. Wellner.
    Status, according to last official report: Families represented in and served by this church, 133 (53 in the county and 80 in the village of
Fairfax); souls, 555; communicant members. 325; voting members, 68.

List of Voting Members at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Fairfax

Albrecht, Hy.
Albrecht, Im. F.
Albrecht, Jno.
Albrecht, Paul
Bleick, M.
Boerneke, O.
Borth, Ed.
Borth, Geo.
Borth, Herm.
Borth, W.
Braun, J. C.
Briese, A. G.
Briese, Fr.
Buboltz, Fr.
Clobes, Hy.
Dallmann, Chas. W.
Dallmann, F. A.
Dickmeyer, Alf.
Dickmeyer, F. C.
Dickmeyer, H. F.
Dickmeyer, Louis
Dorn, Alb.
Dorn, Karl
Duenow, Jul.
Frams, J. C.
Grams, G., Sr.
Grams, Jul., Jr.
Grunke, Hy.
Hamann, E.
Hamann, F., Jr.
Hanssen, Jno.
Julius, Joe, Jr.
Just, E.
Kaegbein, T.
Keicker, Aug., Sr.
Kiecker, Aug., Jr.
Kiecker, Ed.
Kiecker, Emil
Kiecker, Ferd.
Kiecker, Rich.
Kiecker, Warnie
Kiehn, W.
Kuester, Edw.
Laeupple, C.
Laub, C.
Lenz, F.
Marwede, C. H.
Meyer, Chr.
Palmer, Jno.
Renner, G.
Schefuss, E.
Schefuss, W.
Schewe, Hy.
Schiffmann, E.
Schroeder, Chas.
Schroeder, Fr.
Schroeder, Jno.
Schultz, F.
Sommer, W.
Steinke, Geo.
Stoll, Ed.
Timme, John
Voeks, Aug.
Voeks, Herm.
Waknitz, Aug.
Wellner, Chas.
Wellner, Louios
Wenigar, Ad.
Wiehr, Alb.
Wiehr, Robt., Sr.

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